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Exclusive Concepts Set You Apart from Other Advisors

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Two Principles About Income

This eye-opening and exclusive video will shock many retirees who do not understand two central economic realities:

  •  In retirement, it's your income, not your savings that creates your standard-of-living, and, 

  • The income-producing value of money changes all the time. You should assume that it will change while you are retired."


The Cure for Income Disease

Do your prospects and clients suffer from Income Disease? 

  • Do they have a formal, written plan for creating their retirement income? 

  • Are they protected against risks which can reduce or even wipe out their capacity to create income from savings?


Longevity: The Emperor of All Risks

Is living a long life really a risk? 

  • In a financial sense, it's the greatest risk of all.  Explain this reality to in a creative and impactful manner. 


Timing Risk e-Booklet

"Today's economic conditions are the worst possible for Timing Risk."

Download the e-Booklet.

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