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Ignite cross-selling at scale.

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"You are Matt Jackson,  an insurance agent who specializes in Medicare Supplement plans."

"You are a seasoned specialist who has cultivated trust and credibility with your clientele, and Bob, featured on the left, is no exception. He stands out as an ideal candidate for an annuity purchase. Yet, the intricacies of annuities fall outside your current expertise. Consequently, you find yourself lacking confidence in delivering a compelling annuity sales presentation. What you require is a strategy that empowers you to effectively communicate the value of annuities. Digital-Assisted Selling is the precise solution to elevate your capabilities and master the art of presenting annuities with conviction."


See what prospects see. Experience Digital-Assisted Selling . Click the image.

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"Nothing less than a revolutionary innovation to support your new client acquisition. As easy as 1, 2, 3."

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You say, "Invest 20-minutes to learn how to protect your retirement security."

DAS makes a "perfect" presentation.

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After viewing he says,
Let's meet!"

"DAS makes you proficient in product areas that are not core to your regular business. Result? More revenue."

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Empower Your Growth

What is Digital-Assisted Selling?

“Online marketing and sales using Video Applications to engage greater numbers of prospects on one or more major selling opportunities. While building the agent's trust and credibility, DAS enables a powerful selling experience in a manner that is non-threatening, and that maximizes convenience for the prospect."

What is a Video Application?

"Uniquely designed digital sales presentations that reach the prospect at an emotional level. They transform the prospect’s thinking about an issue or product, moving the prospect from a state of unfamiliarity or pre-conceived negative beliefs, to a state of acceptance and desire to purchase from the agent."


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Sample DAS.

What's Your Market? Don't see it? We'll build it.
DAS is always customized for your brand.

Social Security Planning

Indexed Universal Life Insurance


Fixed Indexed Annuity

Constrained Investor Income Planning

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