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Constrained Investor upends the longstanding business of retirement income planning. It introduces a completely new client segmentation framework that redefines how retirees' needs are served. Annuities are the indispensable, key component of a Constrained Investor's income plan. 

"We are a Constrained Nation full of Constrained Investors."

"As revolutionary as Constrained Investor is, you still need the planning and communications tools to explain it to prospects and clients. Most Americans who have accumulated savings are Constrained Investors. Watch this video to learn how your prospects and clients will understand it."

When clients understand that they are Constrained Investors, they also understand that they must have an annuity which provides lifetime guaranteed income. The Video Applications you receive as a Constrained Investor System member frame the benefits of annuities in entirely new ways.

"With relevance for millions of Americans, Constrained Investor is a revolutionary, protection-focused,  income planning framework that provides unmatched context for the recommendation of multiple types of annuities."


"Annuities? Vital to Constrained Investors."

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