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"The Perfect Solution for an economy that has changed."

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The Income for Life Model's 7-Segment Hybrid Strategy delivers the risk mitigation that retirees crave. But there is so much more. It is proven to help keep your clients invested through all market conditions. 

  • Wins 100% Wallet Share

  • Balances Safe and At-Risk Assets

  • Always a Safe Monthly Paycheck

  • Longevity Protection

  • Downside Protection/Upside Potential

  • Award-Winning Software

  • Industry-Leading Marketing

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"Simply the best strategy for millions of Constrained Investors. It powers The Income for Life Model."

"Learn why the unmatched benefits of the 7-Segment Hybrid Strategy make it the "perfect" retirement income investing strategy for Constrained Investors. You'll understand why it wins 100% wallet share virtually 100% of the time. And, why annuities are a 'must' in funding the strategy."

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  • Focused on Protection First

  • Guaranteed Monthly Income

  • Promotes Consistent Investing

  • Outcome-Focused

  • Downside Protection

  • Transparent and Understandable

  • Wins 100% Wallet Share

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The Income for Life Model® simplifies retirement income. It’s transparent, understandable, and builds clients’ confidence. It enables you to attract, consolidate and manage more retirement assets.


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