"Women are the future of wealth management."

That's why we've introduced the first retirement income solution developed  expressly for "boomer" women.

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A 21st Century Business Model That Ends Your Prospecting Headaches. And That's Just The Beginning.

You already know that women are the future of wealth management. And that they will control an estimated $30 Trillion in wealth assets by the end of this decade. You also know that, historically, the wealth management industry has done a poor job of addressing women's differentiated needs and objectives. 

What you didn't know, until now, is that Wealth2k has developed the business model that provides the actionable steps for capturing your share of $trillions in investment assets. The linchpin of that model is Women And Income®, America’s first retirement income planning solution specifically developed for “Boomer” women.  

Incorporating nothing less than a career-defining business opportunity, Women & Income™ enables forward-thinking financial professionals to deliver more to their prospects and clients: appealing financial education,  a risk-mitigating, outcome-focused investing strategy, a personally-tailored, confidence-building income plan, and a one-on-one relationship with a financial advisor who…

  • Asks her in-depth personal questions. 

  • Listens to her priorities

  • Conveys knowledge that builds her confidence, and,

  • Designs the income strategy that best meets her retirement security goals. 

Ultra-Qualified Prospects Brought To You, Annually


We Are Enhancing Your Ability To Impress Prospects Online

During the pandemic, millions of employees transitioned to working from home. “Zoom” became a verb. Financial advisors were increasingly required to interact with clients online.


Now, the stage is set for more impressive online engagement with prospects.  Beginning with Women & Income™, Wealth2k is introducing Dynamic Presenter™, a client-personalized presentation tool that transforms illustration data into a dynamic, multimedia online experience. Make a striking impression that sets your apart from competing advisors.