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The life insurance and annuity innovations that will drive success over the next decade."

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"Insurers and agents need new sales models for the post-DOL marketplace We have them."

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Transforming the UX agents and advisors project to consumers.


You need as business-building process that is viable under DOL's Fiduciary Rule. It's here. Nowhere else. Learn about Constrained Investor income planning. Read the Agent Guide. 
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Wealth Ladders is a sophisticated, process-based solution for constructing the vital foundation, or “floor,” of secure lifetime income that is essential in an overall strategy for retirement income distribution. Wealth Ladders is an annuity laddering process that strategically combines four annuities to deliver lifetime income with two pre-planned “step-ups.” Four distinct time-specific “segments” comprise the laddering framework. Each segment has a specific role to play in the overall process.
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"With DOL about to be implemented, I need a process that is safety-first oriented."

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The transactional "product- focused" business model that agents have been trained on is simply not viable under DOL.  If your career is to continue, your business model must change in dramatic fashion.


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America's New Choice for Retirement Security.

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"The $140 billion success story."

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How we transform the way consumers learn about annuities.

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